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A Highland selection of things to see and do in Sutherland and places to stay when you are here.

As those of you who have used the North Coast 500 know, Sutherland has some of the most magnificent countryside with loads to do.

Sutherland in the Northern Highlands is the very best location to start explore the whole of the Scottish Highlands – we are uniquely central to the widest diversity.  We have Orkney to the North with 5000 years of pre History laid out to see at Maes Howe and Scara Brae and to the East, Sutherland’s own Dunrobin Castle celebrates more recent history from 1401 where it has been a stronghold for the Earls and Dukes of Sutherland.  South of us we have Inverness, our capital, with the Theatre, Music and Entertainment and many great Restaurants and drive a few miles to our West for the more impressive rugged coastlines of Sutherland and over to Ullapool for Hebridies Ferries and a few miles drive to the Isle of Skye bridge.

Sutherland’s impressively varied geological past has resulted in an astonishing range of views with green glens, sandy beaches and magnificent Munro height rocky outcrops.   The rivers carry Salmon and Sea Trout, hills are strewn with Red Deer, overflown by Eagles and a wide range birds  and from coastal Sutherland you can see seals, dolphins and even the occasional whale cruising by.

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Range of Sutherland based holiday ideas and things you can do within a short day trip from Sutherland.

But we have much more to do and see up here than just history and the most stunning scenery – for example Highland Games, Walking, Fishing, Golf, Cycling and Mountain Biking, Sightseeing and Touring; just a few!

So whether you want Bed and Breakfast, a Self Catering Cottage or House or just a place to pitch your tent or park your campervan find your accommodation base here for the best location to start your holidays.

Also, this is a new website and we’ll be adding restaurants and trip suggestions based on local knowledge from ourselves – we know how lucky we are and want to share it with you!

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